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    About Us

    Avancee Booking Solutions is a cloud based SAAS Booking Solutions provider offering Hotel Sales Management & Inventory Management/Distribution Platform . We offer simple yet efficient system which enables hotels to go digital and seamlessly manage their bookings. Hotel bookings, Inventory management, Accounting and Business insights can be derived by the hotel through our system.

    We strive to build value through our cutting-edge technology solutions for hotels, partners and travelers to develop a seamless booking experience .

    Avancee Booking Solutions Offers - More reach & More Sales with Less Hassle . Our steadfast support is available 24x7 via live chat, phone call or email

    For any queries, you can reach us on sales@bookingsolutions.in

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    One Dashboard for All: Single dash board for Inventory management, Booking management, check-in, check-out, block rooms, etc.

    Customer Management: Maintain record of all your customers and their experience with your hotel. Get repeat customers through offers, feedback and promotional activities like email and SMS.

    Inventory Management: Live inventory tracking across all channel. View available rooms and bookings from all channels in a single dashboard. Check-in, Check-out, Block rooms. Manage inventory available to OTAs.

    Intuitive and Simple: We have done the hard work to research on the Hotel needs and products available in market to bring a simple and effective product for all Hotel needs.

    Customer Experience: Save time on manual entries and maintaining books. Spend your precious time in improving guest experience.

    Enquiries: Manage all your enquiries more efficiently. Do automated follow-ups through email and SMS. Block and release rooms from a single window. Do not wait for the confirmation till customer walks in. Get part payments and avoid cancellations.

    Monitor: Easy to monitor all your properties from Admin dashboard. Get exclusive rights to edit the settings of your hotels. View status of all hotels in an instant.

    Confirm bookings: All bookings can be confirmed and payments received online. Offline enquiries can be confirmed with advance payments.

    Payment Processing: Completely secure and all online payments methods like credit card, debit card and internet banking are readily enabled.

    Save effort:Completely automated and no manual entries needed.

    Maximize bookings: List your hotels in maximum number of Online Travel Agenices like Makemytrip, Yatra, GoIbibo etc. Since the inventory is common across all OTAs all rooms can be booked without any issue of overbooking.

    Automated Monitoring: Through our advanced channel manager you can monitor 100+ OTAs from a single dashboard. No need to use individual OTA’s extranet or app to update room availability. Room availability is automatically updated to all OTAs in real time and hence no need to monitor continuously.

    Cost savings: Automate room inventory management on all online hotel sales channels. Reduce your efforts and manpower needed to manage individual OTA apps.

    Reduce booking errors: Frontdesk and Integrated channel manager can reduce your booking errors like overbooking, delayed confirmation, cancellations update errors, etc

    Sales Reports: Get weekly and monthly reports to analyze your business performance

    Smart Pricing: Analyze trends in your hotel bookings and price your rooms as per the demand

    Increase revenues: Identify seasonal trends and run promotional offers to increase bookings during off peak season

    Brand Building: Improve your Hotel’s reputation through feedback

    Go online: Get your exclusive website. Mobile friendly and responsive. Showcase your rooms and service.

    Build your Brand: Increase your brand value and build trust with your customers. Run promotions and get direct bookings. Increase retention with better customer experience.

    Save Money and effort: Save on high commissions to travel agents. All bookings are automated and synchronous with front desk.

    Digital Marketing: Digital marketing will bring more visitor to your website and increase the number of bookings.

    Comparison websites listing: List your website on TripAdvisor and Google hotel ads to get more bookings.

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    Affordable And Customized Pricing for Your Pocket

    Easy Set-Up
    Easy OnBoarding
    Robust Support
    More Reach
    More Revenue
    Less Hassle

    Our cloud-based SAAS Product provides State of the Art technology at an affordable rate to all kinds of accommodation providers , from Hotel Chains , Boutique Hotels, Service Apartments , Mansions , Hostels . Choose between a monthly pay-as-you-go plan or a yearly plan, either ways no contracts, no obligations.

    Cloud Central Reservation System
    Front Desk Solution
    Auto-Sync Channel Manager
    Booking Engine With Integrated Payment Gate Way
    Quick Pay Custom Payment Portal
    Desktop & Mobile Website With Hosting
    Hotel Sales Analytics
    Light CRM
    Guest Communication Automation
    Payment & Inventory Alerts
    Enquiry Management
    Offline Sales Channel Management

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